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Kincaid Genealogy & History

Kincaid is a locational name for the lands of Kincaid in Campsie Glen, Stirlingshire. It was derived from the Gaelic ceann (top) and caithe (pass) and the combined word was Kincaith or Kincathe, meaning top of the pass. Some of the name's alternate spellings are Kinkaid, Kinkeed, Kyncade, and Kinkead. Kincaid family history tells us that Robert de Kyncade was the first known recording of the name, in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1450. Kincaid genealogy includes social scientist and convergence model of communication proponent D. Lawrence Kincaid; puppeteer, artist, writer and performer Douglas Doerr Kincaid; and professional wrestler and model April Kincaid.

Kincaid Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Kincaid-- --, 1906July ,1969NC
Banford Kincaid-- --, 1908May 22,2004MI
Caleb Kincaid-- --, 1923July 15,1999MD
Daily Kincaid-- --, 1903December ,1966IA

Kincaid Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jean Kincaid-- --, 1928November 22,1998Stow,OH
Faith Kincaid-- --, 1921December 8,2001Belgrade,MT
Gail Kincaid-- --, 1911March ,1984Riverside,CA
H Averil Kincaid-- --, 1929May 22,2009Erie,IL

Kincaid Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bradford KincaidKaren KingAugust 11,2000Tarrant, TX
Charles KincaidMillicent StaffordFebruary 28,1948Wake, NC
Donald KincaidRhonda ByrnesFebruary 25,2000Harris, TX
Frank KincaidJudy ReiningerAugust 26,2000Kerr, TX

Most Common Surnames After Kincaid

1647th: Coe1648th: Posey
1649th: Lackey1650th: Cardenas
1651st: Dobbs1652nd: Kohler
1653rd: Samuels1654th: Timmons
1655th: Eastman1656th: McLain

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