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Kirkland Genealogy & History

Kirkland genealogy is English or Scottish and the name dates back to the late twelfth century as a surname. The name comes from the medieval English word kirk, meaning church and land, and therefore may have denoted someone who lived near a church. It could also be a locational surname referring to a number of places, especially Kirkland in Cumberland. A medieval Kirkland family crest depicts three white stars on a black shield with a gold border. Kirkland family history includes several notable people, such as John Thornton Kirkland, who was president of Harvard University in the early nineteenth century.

Kirkland Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Genelle Kirkland-- --, 1932February 17,2008GA
Barbara Kirkland-- --, 1929January 15,2000MD
Cad Kirkland-- --, 1893May ,1981OH
D Charlott Kirkland-- --, 1928September 17,2009TX

Kirkland Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Laurice Kirkland-- --, 1958November 6,1989Baton Rouge,LA
F D Reed Kirkland-- --, 1939May 13,2005Maryville,TN
Gail Kirkland-- --, 1957February ,1985Boston,MA
H Clary Kirkland-- --, 1915February 11,1993Jamaica,NY

Kirkland Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bradley KirklandTara StinnettFebruary 16,2000Collin, TX
Crayton KirklandCarolyn JonesApril 17,1982Wake, NC
Erik KirklandKendall TeeterJune 23,2001Wichita, TX
Frederick KirklandRena FreemanJuly 14,2000Bell, TX

Most Common Surnames After Kirkland

1102nd: Rutledge1103rd: Schmitz
1104th: Whalen1105th: Ratliff
1106th: Kurtz1107th: Robison
1108th: Grace1109th: De Witt
1110th: Maher1111th: Crabtree

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