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Kirkpatrick is a Scottish locational name from a church by the same name in Closeburn. The name comes from the Northern Middle English kirk, meaning church, and Patrick, the major patron saint of Ireland. St. Patrick was born in England, and his name comes from the Latin patricius, which means nobleman. The church wasn't the only thing to be named after him, but the surname comes from it. Kirkpatrick family history begins with Roger de Kirkpatrick, a witness to one of the Bruce Charters in 1141. Kirkpatrick genealogy includes twenty-year Missouri Secretary of State James Kirkpatrick and prominent British civil engineer Cyril Kirkpatrick.

Kirkpatrick Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Clayton Kirkpatrick-- --, 1916February 24,1989VT
B Eleanor Kirkpatrick-- --, 1923July 5,2009MI
C Kenneth Kirkpatrick-- --, 1932January 12,1991PA
D Margaret Kirkpatrick-- --, 1913January ,1986IN

Kirkpatrick Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Lucille Kirkpatrick-- --, 1922February 17,2001Peoria,IL
F Donald Kirkpatrick-- --, 1913December ,1979Corvallis,OR
Gage Kirkpatrick-- --, 1926September 26,2001Climax,NC
H Wm Kirkpatrick-- --, 1923September 30,1999Portland,OR

Kirkpatrick Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brian KirkpatrickJulia YoungJune 12,2004Wake, NC
Donald KirkpatrickVirginia MccraneyOctober 5,1979Wake, NC
Gregory KirkpatrickLauren ReeveApril 12,1980Wake, NC
Wiley KirkpatrickLillian BatemanApril 3,1942Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Kirkpatrick

984th: Lund985th: Holcomb
986th: McAllister987th: Britt
988th: Wilder989th: Workman
990th: Nunez991st: Chaney
992nd: Ziegler993rd: Mackey

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