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Kohler Genealogy & History

Kohler is an occupational and a locational name from early medieval German origins. It denotes someone who owned or worked in or near a mine, with coal or as a charcoal maker. It also could indicate someone who lived near Koler. Kohler family history has Walther filius Koler in 1234 as the earliest recording of the name in Tiermendingen, Germany. Some of the many spellings are Koelar, Coeler, Koelner, Cohler, Kolar, Koellner, and Koehllar. Some members of Kohler genealogy are Kohler Co. president and chairman Herbert Vollrath Kohler Jr.; flautist and composer Ernesto Kohler; and literary magazine editor and university professor Charlotte Kohler.

Kohler Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Kohler-- --, 1905January 26,2002NY
Baker Kohler-- --, 1889November ,1977PA
C Thomas Kohler-- --, 1920March ,1986NY
D Jean Kohler-- --, 1923June 29,2004OH

Kohler Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Kohler-- --, 1889October ,1967Tonawanda,NY
F Betty Kohler-- --, 1927November 26,2008Englewood,FL
Gabriel Kohler-- --, 1915April 22,1988York Haven,PA
Haley Kohler-- --, 1910January ,1981Lake Charles,LA

Kohler Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Damon KohlerLaura SolomonOctober 3,2008Wake, NC
Gary KohlerTrisha KirbyApril 1,2000Kendall, TX
Thomas KohlerAllison VoelkerJune 16,1984Wake, NC
Sean KohlerJennifer VaskoJune 28,1997Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Kohler

1653rd: Samuels1654th: Timmons
1655th: Eastman1656th: McLain
1657th: Pappas1658th: Staley
1659th: Crump1660th: Langston
1661st: Fontenot1662nd: Schaeffer

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