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Krause Genealogy & History

Krause is a German surname, from the Old Middle German Krus, which was used as a nickname for someone with curly hair; the English equivalent is Crisp or Cripps. Several minor variations, like Krauss, Kruse, and Krauze, are found in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany itself. Krause family history starts with Edle Von Kraus, registered in Vienna in 1681. The name arrived in America with the journeys of Christina and Christiana Krause, among others, to New York City and Pennsylvania in 1743. Krause genealogy is humble but includes Kent State victim Allison Krause, economist Lawrence Krause, and former Vikings defensive back Paul Krause.

Krause Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Krause-- --, 2002December 25,2002NJ
B Leonard Krause-- --, 1913January 26,1995MI
Calvin Krause-- --, 1924February 11,2008WI
Daisie Krause-- --, 1889March ,1976WI

Krause Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Mary Krause-- --, 1915March 8,2004Bryn Mawr,PA
Fae Krause-- --, 1912May 20,2001Racine,WI
G Russell Krause-- --, 1918February 17,2010Center Barnstead,NH
H Craig Krause-- --, 1934April 24,2001Lebanon,PA

Krause Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew KrauseTara WittenJune 19,1999Wake, NC
Charles KrauseCynthia CaseyOctober 6,1979Wake, NC
Frederick KrauseJennifer PopescuSeptember 13,2003Bexar, TX
Robert KrauseBarbara ThorntonApril 30,1988Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Krause

686th: Wilkerson687th: McFarland
688th: Werner689th: Meadows
690th: Moon691st: Schmitt
692nd: Hardin693rd: Sellers
694th: Fry695th: Ware

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