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Krieger Genealogy & History

Krieger is a variant on the more common Kruger or Krueger, a German occupational surname. It comes from the High German kruog, meaning jug and referring to someone who made or sold glass and pottery in general. It may also be from the Middle German krug, meaning inn or tavern and referring to an innkeeper. Krieger family history starts in 1351, when Lotze Crugir was noted in the town charter of Kassel. Krieger genealogy includes poet and journalist Hans Krieger and Doors guitarist Bobby Krieger.

Krieger Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Margaret Krieger-- --, 1919November 13,1994MN
Barbara Krieger-- --, 1927November 28,2007ME
C Don Krieger-- --, 1920April 6,2006NJ
Daisy Krieger-- --, 1903November ,1995WA

Krieger Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Dolores Krieger-- --, 1926October 17,2004Lansing,MI
Fannie Krieger-- --, 1897January ,1983Pikesville,MD
Gail Krieger-- --, 1945June 10,2008Idyllwild,CA
Halcyone Krieger-- --, 1908January 28,1998Ridgefield,WA

Krieger Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
George KriegerEleanor StewartOctober 1,1955Wake, NC
Steven KriegerVivian KeenFebruary 2,1980Wake, NC
William KriegerLinda DaggsMay 7,1974Dallas, TX
Isaac KriegerMarilyn LoganFebruary 17,1989Hidalgo, TX

Most Common Surnames After Krieger

2227th: Valenzuela2228th: Wiles
2229th: Melendez2230th: Steen
2231st: Lytle2232nd: Minton
2233rd: Baca2234th: Edmondson
2235th: Main2236th: Wing

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