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Kroll Genealogy & History

Kroll is from the pre-seventh-century Slavic word krol, meaning king, used often by an actor who played a king in the theater. It may also be derived from a Middle High German and Dutch word krol, a nickname for someone with curly hair, or from krulle, meaning ringlet. Kroll family history shows the Kroll coat of arms as a silver shield with a red demi-stag emerging from a fence. Kroll genealogy includes Leon Kroll, an American painter and lithographer. He was known as a figurative artist, and Life Magazine named him the dean of US nude painters.

Kroll Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abe Kroll-- --, 1910May 26,1996NY
Barb Kroll-- --, 1910February 6,1988MD
C Jane Kroll-- --, 1930June 10,1996MA
Dale Kroll-- --, 1930November 26,1995MI

Kroll Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Kroll-- --, 1901January ,1974Midland,MD
Faith Kroll-- --, 1905December ,1990Olympia,WA
Gabriella Kroll-- --, 1910October 10,2007Irving,NY
Halsey Kroll-- --, 1924October 18,1999Redgranite,WI

Kroll Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arnold KrollMelissa BosquezMarch 25,2000Brazos, TX
Darrell KrollJill MayJanuary 24,2000M Clennan, TX
Timothy KrollMarcina ChildersNovember 28,1987Wake, NC
Kenneth KrollJerri JordanFebruary 25,2003Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Kroll

2484th: Griswold2485th: Butterfield
2486th: Applegate2487th: Birch
2488th: Kuntz2489th: Pinto
2490th: Sisk2491st: Shell
2492nd: Barone2493rd: Branham

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