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Krueger Genealogy & History

Krueger is a Germanic occupational surname with two sources. In the Middle Ages, it was used for people who made or sold glass and pottery, especially pitchers, mugs, and jugs, from the Old High German kruog. The second is from the Middle German krug, which means inn or tavern and described an inkeeper. Krueger family history starts off with Lotze Crugir of Kassel in 1351, found in a town charter. Krueger genealogy includes a few notable people, such as WWII General Walter Krueger, Boer leader Paul Kruger, and Bob Krueger, the last Democrat to represent Texas in the Senate.

Krueger Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Dolores Krueger-- --, 1930October 18,2006IL
B Edward Krueger-- --, 1918April 7,2009IL
Caleb Krueger-- --, 1915September 11,1988MN
D Jacqueli Krueger-- --, 1930February 11,1996IL

Krueger Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Elsie Krueger-- --, 1908July 22,2005Austin,MN
Fannie Krueger-- --, 1892August ,1978Kouts,IN
G Robert Krueger-- --, 1915March ,1978Washington,KS
Hallie Krueger-- --, 1893October ,1973Frankfort,IN

Krueger Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Cary KruegerSue JohnsonJanuary 18,1964Wake, NC
Timothy KruegerGretchen WoodallJune 19,2004Wake, NC
Wayne KruegerNicolette AlmanzaJune 13,2000Bexar, TX
Vernon KruegerWillie WrightOctober 9,1968Comanche, TX

Most Common Surnames After Krueger

619th: Gould620th: Merritt
621st: McCullough622nd: Vance
623rd: Mahoney624th: Small
625th: Gilmore626th: Hurst
627th: Browning628th: McIntyre

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