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Lackey Genealogy & History

Lackey is an old Scottish name from the pre-ninth-century Gaelic word leac, translated as flagstone. Thus Lackey is a locational name for someone who lived near where the flagstones were. Some of the different spellings include Lecky, Lachey, Laiky, Leck, Leckie, and Lackeye. Lackey family history has Murdoch Lechie receiving a grant of lands from King David II of Scotland for the first recording of the name in 1348. The family motto is virtue rewards. Some members of Lackey genealogy include fantasy fiction writer Mercedes (Misty) Lackey; Boston Red Sox pitcher John Derran Lackey; and entrepreneur and computer security professional Ryan Donald Lackey.

Lackey Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Lackey-- --, 1933February 28,2003AR
Barbara Lackey-- --, 1913June 3,1999MA
Cain Lackey-- --, 1892August ,1980VA
Daisy Lackey-- --, 1920June 10,1997MI

Lackey Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Lackey-- --, 1906March ,1978Bennington,VT
Fairy Lackey-- --, 1902April ,1975Bellefontaine,OH
Galen Lackey-- --, 1941May 23,1996Topeka,KS
H Aubrey Lackey-- --, 1917October 4,2001White City,OR

Lackey Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bradley LackeyKimberly LittleJuly 22,2000Dallas, TX
Cecil LackeyAngela MooreApril 29,2000Rockwall, TX
David LackeyAdryin BajerskiMarch 27,1999Wake, NC
Edward LackeyDixie JurneyJuly 1,1967Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Lackey

1650th: Cardenas1651st: Dobbs
1652nd: Kohler1653rd: Samuels
1654th: Timmons1655th: Eastman
1656th: McLain1657th: Pappas
1658th: Staley1659th: Crump

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