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Ladd Genealogy & History

The Ladd genealogy can trace its roots to the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. The surname associated with the Ladd family history derives its name from the Old English word Ladde, meaning servant. This indicates that early members of the Ladd genealogy were servants in some capacity. The first Ladd to settle in the United States was Daniel Ladd, arriving in 1633. Some notable members of the Ladd family history include 19th-century peace activist William Ladd, hip-hop MC and producer Mike Ladd, actor Alan Ladd (who is actress Cheryl Ladd's grandfather-in-law and actress Jordan Ladd's great-grandfather), and investigative journalist Donna Ladd.

Ladd Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Ladd-- --, 1917September ,1972AR
Barbara Ladd-- --, 1914September 7,2002ME
C Raymond Ladd-- --, 1955September 12,1991MA
Daisey Ladd-- --, 1906May 18,1988OK

Ladd Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Louise Ladd-- --, 1931December ,1985Philadelphia,PA
F Van Ladd-- --, 1917April 15,2009Brewster,MA
Gaetana Ladd-- --, 1923April 13,2008Revere,MA
Hailey Ladd-- --, 1907September 26,2001Chesapeake,VA

Ladd Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Barry LaddTerry WoodworthAugust 9,1997Wake, NC
Charles LaddJane HunterApril 12,2008Wake, NC
Edwin LaddAvery ConklingJune 27,1970Wake, NC
Guy LaddJean HobbyOctober 22,1960Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Ladd

1710th: Cody1711th: Newsome
1712th: Duff1713th: Kellogg
1714th: Ochoa1715th: Van Dyke
1716th: Smiley1717th: Dutton
1718th: Rader1719th: Darnell

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