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Laird Genealogy & History

Laird is a pre-medieval Scottish-Irish-English surname, derived from the early Gaelic/Middle English laverd, meaning a landlord. Hence, Laird is a name of status, as also confirmed in its use as a Scottish title. Laird family history dates to feudal days in the border counties and in Berwickshire, where the family owned an estate. The family motto, spero meliora, means I hope for the better, and the boars' heads on the coat of arms signifies fierce fighters. Laird genealogy includes the Scottish/Irish variations MacLaird and McLeard, meaning son of Laird. The first American Laird immigrants were in 1741 to New Jersey.

Laird Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A James Laird-- --, 1913September ,1981UT
B Frank Laird-- --, 1920May ,1981MD
Calvin Laird-- --, 1914April ,1978OH
D Jeanne Laird-- --, 1921October 28,2007AR

Laird Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jane Laird-- --, 1920April 4,1999Caldwell,NJ
Fannie Laird-- --, 1914March 20,1994Belle Haven,VA
Gail Laird-- --, 1948July 15,2006Detroit,MI
H Paul Laird-- --, 1918December 8,2006Santa Clara,CA

Laird Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brandon LairdBeverly NewlandMarch 24,2001Williamson, TX
Calvin LairdAnnie StewardSeptember 1,2001Jones, TX
Erik LairdAmy McginnisMay 3,2003Tarrant, TX
Francis LairdRoberta GravesApril 28,1972Potter, TX

Most Common Surnames After Laird

1494th: Bauman1495th: Thorpe
1496th: Abel1497th: Schwarz
1498th: Munson1499th: Tidwell
1500th: Pelletier1501st: Brand
1502nd: Clemons1503rd: Hinson

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