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Landers Genealogy & History

The Landers family motto is the ancient Latin phrase fax mentis honestoe gloria, meaning glory is the light of a noble mind. The surname Landers is a derivation of the word lavender, indicating that that some of the first members of the Landers family history were growers of lavender. Landers family history finds several alternate spellings of the name, including Lander, Landes, and Landis. The first member of the Landers family history to settle in the United States was William Landers, who arrived in Virginia in 1666. Landers genealogy includes John Landers, Principal of Hertford College, Oxford.

Landers Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Floyd Landers-- --, 1916September 1,1988AL
Babara Landers-- --, 1952April 3,2001GA
Callie Landers-- --, 1898January ,1975TX
Daisy Landers-- --, 1913January 28,2006CA

Landers Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Landers-- --, 1902November 16,1988Waycross,GA
F Wayne Landers-- --, 1925August 27,1999Thousand Palms,CA
Gail Landers-- --, 1941July 30,2006Skaneateles,NY
H Doris Landers-- --, 1920June 13,2006East Sandwich,MA

Landers Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony LandersAmanda HumphreysOctober 31,1998Hockley, TX
Charles LandersMary GardnerJune 14,2003Wake, NC
Dexter LandersAshala BiscoeOctober 21,2000Smith, TX
Franklin LandersMelissa RoseMarch 24,2001Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Landers

1619th: Schrader1620th: Jacob
1621st: Eubanks1622nd: Doss
1623rd: Rooney1624th: Richey
1625th: Steinberg1626th: Rizzo
1627th: Shultz1628th: Crandall

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