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Landis Genealogy & History

Landis is primarily an English surname with three major origins. First, it could be from the Old English word land, meaning territory and used for rural residents, as opposed to dwellers in towns or mansions. Next, it could be from the Old French and Middle English launde, meaning a forest glade and used for a denizen thereof. Lastly, it might be locational, from the village of Launde in Leicestershire. Landis family history begins in 1205 with Thomas de la Lande, who was registered in the Northamptonshire Pipe Rolls. Landis genealogy includes a few well-known people, such as author Arthur Landis and Red Sox pitcher Bill Landis.

Landis Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Geraldin Landis-- --, 1931February 13,2009IL
Barbara Landis-- --, 1939December 13,2004NY
C Elvin Landis-- --, 1925May 12,1999PA
D Jane Landis-- --, 1929December 18,2005PA

Landis Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Harold Landis-- --, 1916January ,1986Lancaster,PA
F Beryl Landis-- --, 1926September 25,2007Pottstown,PA
G Emeline Landis-- --, 1916November 21,1999Lititz,PA
H Dean Landis-- --, 1932June 25,1997Doylestown,OH

Landis Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew LandisWillie SmithMarch 28,1976Wake, NC
Christopher LandisAmy PannellOctober 21,2006Wake, NC
Gregg LandisChristina TrilloNovember 22,2001Cameron, TX
William LandisMary LipinskiMarch 4,1941Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Landis

1463rd: Tripp1464th: Lau
1465th: Herndon1466th: Ash
1467th: Bunch1468th: Hawley
1469th: Shipley1470th: Beal
1471st: Deal1472nd: Villarreal

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