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Lantz Genealogy & History

Lantz stems from lanzo, denoting empire or land. Some different spellings are Lantsing, Lantzius, Lantze, Lanz, Lando, Lanzo, and Lantze. The family coat of arms is a silver key crossing over a sword on a gold field. Lantz family history mentions Michael Lantz as the first known member to migrate to America; he settled in Pennsylvania in 1738. Some members of the Lantz genealogy are animator and cartoonist Walter Lantz, photographer Liz Lantz, and Cornell University theoretical astrophysicist Steven R. Lantz.

Lantz Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Drexel Lantz-- --, 1911February 17,2003OH
Barbara Lantz-- --, 1944June 25,2007MA
C Robert Lantz-- --, 1921July 10,2006OH
Dae Lantz-- --, 1895February ,1967CA

Lantz Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Valeria Lantz-- --, 1922October 9,2007Harrisburg,PA
Faith Lantz-- --, 1913June ,1982Portland,OR
Gabe Lantz-- --, 1892April ,1979Petersburg,WV
Hal Lantz-- --, 1945May ,1980Winter Haven,FL

Lantz Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
John LantzPearl HansenOctober 14,1958Wake, NC
Raymond LantzWilma KizerAugust 8,1968Wake, NC
Timothy LantzJaime BarlowAugust 16,2003Wake, NC
Otis LantzSandra HollandJuly 15,1989Comal, TX

Most Common Surnames After Lantz

2381st: Arias2382nd: Yancey
2383rd: Harp2384th: Wilburn
2385th: Low2386th: Milner
2387th: Selby2388th: Boehm
2389th: Harwood2390th: Brubaker

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