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Larkin Genealogy & History

Larkin is an English or Irish surname. The English form means a relative of Laurence (victory), while the Irish form comes from the Gaelic surname O'Lorcain (descendant of the fierce one). Thomas Lorkyn appears on the Subsidy Rolls of Cambridgeshire in 1327. Modern variants in the Larkin family history include Larking, O'Larkin, Larkins, and Lorking. Thomas Larkynn sailed from London to Barbados in June 1635, and Elizabeth Larkin settled in Virginia in 1637. Prominent individuals who appear in the Larkin genealogy include Joan Marie Larkin, otherwise known as Joan Jett, and John Paul Larkin, who performed under the name of Scatman John.

Larkin Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Larkin-- --, 1920May ,1985AR
Bainbridge Larkin-- --, 1917July ,1982CT
Caldonia Larkin-- --, 1927February 1,2001MI
Daisy Larkin-- --, 1941December ,1984GA

Larkin Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Marilyn Larkin-- --, 1916April ,1996Beloit,WI
F Joan Larkin-- --, 1920February 18,2010Langhorne,PA
Gail Larkin-- --, 1914February 4,1995Indianapolis,IN
H Patricia Larkin-- --, 1917January 7,1996Amityville,NY

Larkin Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anatoly LarkinIrina KoganSeptember 7,2007Wake, NC
Dennis LarkinMaureen WatsonMay 7,1958Wake, NC
Richard LarkinSarah FrazelleJune 8,1938Wake, NC
Virgil LarkinAttawa BrinsonMay 7,1947Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Larkin

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1148th: Pritchard1149th: McClellan
1150th: Neff1151st: Ludwig
1152nd: Meeks1153rd: O'Leary
1154th: Navarro1155th: Hollis

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