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Leary Genealogy & History

Leary is an Irish surname, from the Old Gaelic O´┐ŻLaoghaire, translated literally as keeper of the calves. This is most obviously an occupational surname for a cowherd or one who raised the cattle that the cowherd watched, but there is also a religious possibility. A herd of cows is similar to a herd of sheep, and the men who kept those were a common metaphor for preachers in the Bible. Leary family history begins with Mahon O´┐ŻLeary, who fled to Spain after the unsuccessful rebellion of 1601. Leary genealogy includes psychiatrist and psychedelic drug experimenter Timothy Leary, comedian and actor Denis Leary, and producer and guitarist Paul Leary.

Leary Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Bevan Leary-- --, 1916October 1,1996PA
Babette Leary-- --, 1925April 11,2007IL
C Ruth Leary-- --, 1914October 9,2003MD
Daisy Leary-- --, 1903December ,1981OH

Leary Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Leary-- --, 1893May ,1968Cape Elizabeth,ME
F Byrne Leary-- --, 1916February ,1983Schenectady,NY
Gail Leary-- --, 1925April 12,2007Salt Lake City,UT
Hannah Leary-- --, 1880July ,1972Brooklyn,NY

Leary Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Allan LearyPatricia WhitfordOctober 15,1949Wake, NC
Charles LearyTaryn ThomasMay 19,2007Wake, NC
David LearyCynthia KatzewitchMay 2,1958Wake, NC
Hugh LearyClytie RobinsonOctober 12,1935Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Leary

1855th: Craven1856th: Staples
1857th: Hare1858th: Hillman
1859th: Whiting1860th: Donohue
1861st: Purvis1862nd: Cheek
1863rd: Trimble1864th: Horvath

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