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Lemon Genealogy & History

Lemon stems from the Gaelic laghman, meaning lawman, or from the Anglo-Saxon leofman, meaning a sweetheart or beloved one. The family coat of arms is a silver shield with a red band for the middle third with two red mullets (fish) above and one below. Lemon family history mentions Reiner Leman as the first known spelling of the name in 1185 in the Knights Templar Records of Essex, England. Some members of the Lemon genealogy are basketball player and actor Meadowlark Lemon and etymologist George William Lemon.

Lemon Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Larue Lemon-- --, 1923October ,1986PA
B Blanche Lemon-- --, 1917May 18,1997KS
C Floyd Lemon-- --, 1914April 2,1993OH
Daisy Lemon-- --, 1907March 23,2000VA

Lemon Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Maurine Lemon-- --, 1918October 29,2009Fleetwood,PA
Floyd Lemon-- --, 1925November 15,1990Milwaukee,WI
Gab Lemon-- --, 1905December ,1966Cincinnati,OH
H Velma Lemon-- --, 1917July 3,1995Amherst,MA

Lemon Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Austin LemonMary AndrewsJune 8,1944Wake, NC
Brian LemonAmanda VanvalkenburghSeptember 27,2007Wake, NC
George LemonFrances CanhamApril 4,1972Wake, NC
James LemonAnita BarkerNovember 17,1996Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Lemon

2373rd: Lu2374th: Merchant
2375th: Brink2376th: Newberry
2377th: Edgar2378th: Lauer
2379th: Hannon2380th: Lantz
2381st: Arias2382nd: Yancey

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