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Lester Genealogy & History

Lester genealogy shows that this surname has Anglo-Saxon origins. It is a locational name that is derived from the town of Leicester, in Leicestershire County, England. The town's name derives from the Old English "Ligore", meaning people who live on the river Legra, combined with "ceaster", meaning a Roman fort, from the Latin "castra", a legionnaires' camp. Lester family history shows the first recorded spelling of this name belonged to Hugo de Legrecestra in the Leicestershire Pipe Roll of 1130. Alternative spellings include Lestor, Leicester, and Lesseter. Famous people with this surname include Richard "Dick" Lester, who produced the classic Beatles' films, A Hard Day's Night and Help!

Lester Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Lester-- --, 1908May ,1980GA
B Jeanne Lester-- --, 1927April 26,2008MN
Cab Lester-- --, 1935April 18,2000SC
D Jane Lester-- --, 1918June 17,2006MD

Lester Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Dorrine Lester-- --, 1916June 5,2007Byron Center,MI
F Raymond Lester-- --, 1920August 25,2007San Jose,CA
Gabrella Lester-- --, 1893January 31,1993Braddock,PA
H Clay Lester-- --, 1961December 15,1990Saint Louis,MO

Lester Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alford LesterDaisy MurdockMarch 24,1950Wake, NC
Barry LesterSherry CreechSeptember 23,1995Wake, NC
David LesterRhonda WilsonMay 19,1990Wake, NC
Earl LesterTeresa DarnellSeptember 8,1967Wake, NC

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