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Levin Genealogy & History

The surname Levin is known to have French, Jewish, and English origins. In medieval of Brittany and Normandy, the name was derived from the Old French vigne, which means vine. This indicates that the first people in Levin family history most likely worked in or owned a vineyard. In Ashkenazic Jewish Levin genealogy, the name is either derived from the personal name Levin, meaning lion, or is a nickname for the Russian Lev. It may also be derived from the Old English Leofwine, meaning beloved friend. Variations of this surname include Levine, Lavigne, Lavene, Levigne, Lewin, Lewins, Leven, and even DeVigne.

Levin Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Jacob Levin-- --, 1919July 10,1997VT
B Joy Levin-- --, 1932May 15,1998WA
Calman Levin-- --, 1930April 10,2003MD
Daisy Levin-- --, 1911May ,1977PA

Levin Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Goldye Levin-- --, 1910July 9,2000Sykesville,MD
Fae Levin-- --, 1905August ,1983Oak Park,IL
G Paralee Levin-- --, 1928April 29,2010Saint Louis,MO
Hadassah Levin-- --, 1908November 19,1992Brooklyn,NY

Levin Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Donald LevinBarbara SpurlockMarch 17,1976Wake, NC
Eliot LevinAmy ProchaskaMarch 4,2000Harris, TX
Harold LevinConstance ParkerDecember 22,1974Wake, NC
John LevinBeth WashburnNovember 19,1994Wake, NC

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