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Levy Genealogy & History

Levy family history shows that this name has three possible origins. The first is the Old English, "Lefwi", composed of "leof", beloved or dear, and "wig", war. The second is a French locational name originating from the village of Levy, named after the Gallo-Roman given name "Laevius," from the Latin "laevus", meaning left. The third possible origin is from the Hebrew name, "Levi", which means joining. The Levy family coat of arms shows a red lion rampant, or rearing, on a green mound over a silver field. Levy genealogy includes the alternative spelling Levi.

Levy Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Brandt Levy-- --, 1916October 27,2006SC
Babette Levy-- --, 1907December ,1977NY
Cacilie Levy-- --, 1907April 27,2010NY
Daena Levy-- --, 1907July 17,1993NY

Levy Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Harold Levy-- --, 1914October 7,1997Philadelphia,PA
F Roy Levy-- --, 1924April 17,2008Doylestown,PA
Gabor Levy-- --, 1913May 24,1999Wilton,CT
H Steven Levy-- --, 1950November 24,1992Hollywood,FL

Levy Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur LevyFrances EasonDecember 31,1949Wake, NC
Byron LevyCametha McfarlinMay 28,2000Travis, TX
Craig LevyHillary GidlowAugust 4,2001Dallas, TX
David LevyMaria MedinaApril 2,2001Bexar, TX

Most Common Surnames After Levy

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558th: Schaefer559th: Bartlett
560th: McKee561st: Morse
562nd: Grimes563rd: Richard
564th: Barr565th: Reilly

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