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Linder Genealogy & History

Linder is a German and Swedish name with several possible origins. It could be derived from the German word Lind, meaning lime tree. In that case, it would either be a topographical name given to someone who lived near a lime tree or a locational name taken from a town named Linden or something similar. Alternately, the name could be derived from the medieval female personal name Line. Linder family history is first recorded with a William Lyne (an alternate spelling), who lived in Sussex in 1296. Linder genealogy includes the influential American electrical engineer Clarence Hugo Linder.

Linder Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A James Linder-- --, 1921September 2,1988AR
Barbara Linder-- --, 1937May 27,2001WI
C Clarence Linder-- --, 1915June 13,2006SD
Dagmar Linder-- --, 1892March ,1977WA

Linder Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Gail Linder-- --, 1928March 25,2003San Diego,CA
F Norman Linder-- --, 1917August 20,1990College Station,TX
G Wayne Linder-- --, 1927July 3,2004Greenville,OH
H Marvin Linder-- --, 1915October 8,1991Walterboro,SC

Linder Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alan LinderCandice WhittemoreNovember 24,1999Wake, NC
Jerry LinderPeggy BissetteApril 10,1971Wake, NC
Walter LinderJoyce CampbellJune 23,1969Milam, TX
Olan LinderDixie DeckardDecember 5,1966Mc Lennan, TX

Most Common Surnames After Linder

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2119th: Hong2120th: Linn
2121st: Sherrill2122nd: Freedman
2123rd: Leavitt2124th: Villanueva
2125th: Grayson2126th: Breen

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