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Lindsey Genealogy & History

The surname Lindsey indicates the bearer may have Norman ancestry, from the city of De Limesay, Pays de Caux, Rouen, France. Lindsey family history shows that the name first appeared in Scotland early in the 12th century when, for reasons that are unknown, some members of the clan Mac Clintoch changed their name to Lindsey. One of the possible derivations is "Lindissi", a form of the British location Lincolnshire. Lindsey genealogy includes many alternative spellings, especially that of Lindsay. The first known recording of the name is believed to be that of Sir Walter de Lindeseya, dated 1124 AD.

Lindsey Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Gayle Lindsey-- --, 1930January 6,2008OK
B Franklin Lindsey-- --, 1922November 7,2002VA
C Alberta Lindsey-- --, 1918February 15,1996ID
Dail Lindsey-- --, 1918September 6,2000TX

Lindsey Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Darlene Lindsey-- --, 1940December 14,1996Myakka City,FL
F Estelle Lindsey-- --, 1923July 21,1998Caldwell,AR
Gabe Lindsey-- --, 1927June ,1987Jacksonville,FL
H Garland Lindsey-- --, 1914October 27,1994Andrews,TX

Lindsey Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony LindseyBeth BridgersJuly 20,1985Wake, NC
Barron LindseyKaren WilkinsonDecember 28,1974Wake, NC
Edward LindseyBetty WestJuly 8,1967Wake, NC
George LindseyLellaree GayOctober 29,1950Wake, NC

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