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Link Genealogy & History

The earliest records of the Link surname were produced in the late sixth century. The instances of the Link genealogy were catalogued in Old English under the form of Hlinc, translating to a bank that splits fertile land into separate parts. The etymology of this name strongly suggests that the early members of the Link family history were in close proximity to a landmark similar to the one described above. Links who have left their mark include former North Dakota Governor Arthur Link, Xavier University economics professor Joseph Link, German naturalist Johann Heinrich Friedrich Link.

Link Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aagot Link-- --, 1895April ,1977WA
Babette Link-- --, 1915July 18,1994NY
C Emery Link-- --, 1912May 23,1997IA
D Kathryn Link-- --, 1916September 21,2002CA

Link Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Link-- --, 1901July ,1980Gouverneur,NY
F Gilbert Link-- --, 1913September 30,1989Painesville,OH
Gail Link-- --, 1932April 3,2008Cypress,TX
H Elizabet Link-- --, 1918October 13,2002Albuquerque,NM

Link Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony LinkBinnie BarnesOctober 5,1968Wake, NC
Cloid LinkGladys StevensSeptember 27,1942Wake, NC
Donald LinkRosemary StowersMay 29,2005Wake, NC
Everett LinkMarjorie WashburnJune 23,1950Wake, NC

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1209th: Dodge1210th: Leslie
1211th: Cortez1212th: De Leon
1213th: Bingham1214th: Masters
1215th: Leon1216th: Manley

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