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Locke Genealogy & History

Locke is a French-Scottish name with three derivations based on Old English loc/lok. First is an occupational name for a locksmith, second a locational name for someone living near a river-lock (or who operated it), and third a nickname for someone with curly locks of hair. Locke genealogy is complicated by many spelling variations (Deloach, DeLocke, Deloges, Desloges, Duloches, Loach, Loch, Lochlair, Loget, Louche) throughout France and Scotland, where they had held feudal manors in Burgundy and Peeblesshire. The family motto is assiduitate, non desidia (by diligence, not by sloth). Renowned in Locke family history is 17th-century English philosopher John Locke, who influenced the American Declaration of Independence.

Locke Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Bertram Locke-- --, 1918June 22,2000MN
B J Locke-- --, 1948June 6,1992IL
C Richard Locke-- --, 1918November 11,1995IN
Dabney Locke-- --, 1891January ,1969KY

Locke Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jean Locke-- --, 1922August 8,1999Cincinnati,OH
Fairy Locke-- --, 1912March ,1980Hope,AR
Gabriel Locke-- --, 1923September 17,2006Arlington,VA
H Jeannett Locke-- --, 1923August 31,2005North East,PA

Locke Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Cory LockeStephanie SmithDecember 30,2000Dallas, TX
David LockeAlice ChedisterFebruary 6,1988Wake, NC
Frederick LockeJoan MackieMay 12,1984Wake, NC
George LockeLottie PriceAugust 7,1982Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Locke

1039th: Schafer1040th: Alvarado
1041st: Fish1042nd: Webber
1043rd: Abrams1044th: Rutherford
1045th: Simons1046th: Hilton
1047th: Rivers1048th: Wu

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