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Lombardi Genealogy & History

Lombardi family history records that this is an Italian surname originating in the region of Venice. The Lombards, a Germanic tribe that conquered the area in the sixth century, derived their name from the Latin Langobardi, from Germanic elements meaning long-beards. The name is also occupational name derived from the personal name Lombardo, which indicates merchant, banker, or money-changer. Lombardi genealogy includes American football coach Vince Lombardi; American inventor and computer scientist Julian Lombardi; and pro wrestler Steve Lombardi, better known as the Brooklyn Brawler.

Lombardi Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Roberta Lombardi-- --, 1921June 21,1996UT
B Frank Lombardi-- --, 1926September 14,2000RI
C Charles Lombardi-- --, 1913July 9,2006CA
Daisy Lombardi-- --, 1909November 21,2003OH

Lombardi Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Elizabet Lombardi-- --, 1920May ,1982Arvada,CO
Fannie Lombardi-- --, 1925April ,1979Bronx,NY
Gabriel Lombardi-- --, 1917January 20,2008Stratford,CT
Hamlet Lombardi-- --, 1900April ,1979New Hyde Park,NY

Lombardi Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Angelo LombardiLori StewartDecember 3,2001Tarrant, TX
Charles LombardiDeborah FoleyMarch 6,1972Wake, NC
Donald LombardiMarzia ScortegagnaFebruary 15,2000Dallas, TX
Frank LombardiTracy BlecknerNovember 3,2001Denton, TX

Most Common Surnames After Lombardi

2033rd: Fuchs2034th: Goodson
2035th: Daigle2036th: Isaacs
2037th: Falk2038th: Baughman
2039th: Templeton2040th: Coats
2041st: Ruff2042nd: Shipman

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