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The surname Long is of Anglo-Saxon and Chinese origin. Anglo-Saxon Long family history indicates that this name derived from the word "lang" or "long", which in turn derived from the Latin "longus" and means long or tall, and Anglo-Saxon Long genealogy shows that the name most likely originated as a nickname for a person who was either long or tall or as an ironic nickname for a short person. Long (or Lung) is also a romanization of a Chinese surname that means "dragon". Famous people with the surname Long include former NFL player and current sports commentator Howie Long as well as former Louisiana political figure Huey Long.

Long Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Albert Long-- --, 1919August 20,2010TX
Bobby Long-- --, 1966May 18,1993FL
C Annabel Long-- --, 1919November 5,1993PA
D Clyde Long-- --, 1928February 26,1997PA

Long Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E C Long-- --, 1946September 20,1998Deville,LA
F Bernice Long-- --, 1921December 31,1998Mesquite,TX
G Marie Long-- --, 1904July 7,2005Louisville,KY
H Ann Long-- --, 1919December 20,1999Saint Louis,MO

Long Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Buddie LongMillie DenningDecember 19,1934Wake, NC
Chas LongEliza BrownMay 19,1934Wake, NC
Gerald LongVeronica SchachmerJanuary 31,1942Wake, NC
Luther LongSarah StricklandMay 2,1936Wake, NC

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71st: Richardson72nd: Price
73rd: Russell74th: Fisher
75th: Brooks76th: Foster
77th: Powell78th: Hernandez

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