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Lord genealogy is British and extends into the distant past. The name derives from the Anglo-Saxon term half-weard, meaning keeper of the loaf. This referred to a tribal or family leader who was responsible for making sure that the people in his charge were fed. In the eleventh century, the term came into use as a title for the nobility and passed in this way into the realm of hereditary surnames. It may also have been a nickname for someone who acted lordly. Lord family history in the United States begins early with settlers in Massachusetts in the 1630s.

Lord Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Evelyn Lord-- --, 1894January ,1976ME
B Brevard Lord-- --, 1913February 25,1995IA
C Rowland Lord-- --, 1935February 17,1998NY
Dahlia Lord-- --, 1918November 8,2004TX

Lord Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Lord-- --, 1916June ,1967Lisbon,NH
Fannie Lord-- --, 1882September ,1968Fitchburg,MA
G Brooks Lord-- --, 1918August 21,1993Deposit,NY
H Beman Lord-- --, 1924June 10,1991San Diego,CA

Lord Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Derek LordJeni HarrisonMay 14,1994Wake, NC
Moses LordAnnie ShepardMarch 15,1936Wake, NC
Robert LordBrooke KuleshApril 30,2005Wake, NC
Timothy LordMarylou HerreraDecember 15,2001Harris, TX

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1086th: Contreras1087th: Mayfield
1088th: Morin1089th: Hatcher
1090th: Hamm1091st: Langley
1092nd: Wooten1093rd: Sinclair

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