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Lorenz Genealogy & History

Lorenz comes from Latin, meaning from the city of Laurentium, so early family members probably came from that city. Spelling variations include Lorrentz, Lavernz, and Lorincz. Lorenz family history notes that the first family member to settle in the United States was Casper Lorenz, arriving in Philadephia in 1803. Lorenz genealogy includes New Yorker cartoonist Lee Lorenz; composer, conductor, and musical analyst Alfred Lorenz; German musician Flake Lorenz; retired US Air Force General Stephen R. Lorenz; mathematician, meteorologist, chaos theory pioneer, and butterfly effect originator Edward Norton Lorenz; and seminal ethologist and Nobel laureate Konrad Lorenz.

Lorenz Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Lorenz-- --, 1901December 25,1988OH
Barbara Lorenz-- --, 1899March 13,1998NY
C Dorothy Lorenz-- --, 1915November 1,2002MO
Dagmar Lorenz-- --, 1927March 20,2006NY

Lorenz Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Theodore Lorenz-- --, 1926October 8,2002Metuchen,NJ
Faith Lorenz-- --, 1922January 2,2006Fort Myers,FL
G Christee Lorenz-- --, 1925July 25,2001Enid,OK
Halla Lorenz-- --, 1874April ,1971Des Moines,IA

Lorenz Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alan LorenzJeanette AlonzoDecember 14,2000Harris, TX
Charles LorenzRegina CagleMarch 10,2001Mc Lennan, TX
Donald LorenzMarilyn JacksonAugust 12,2000Wake, NC
Eric LorenzKaren LashJune 23,2001Travis, TX

Most Common Surnames After Lorenz

1806th: Ashby1807th: Adamson
1808th: Sizemore1809th: Burr
1810th: Woody1811th: Chadwick
1812th: Whitlock1813th: Fair
1814th: Youngblood1815th: Skaggs

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