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The surname Love has two possible origins. The first possibility is that it is derived from the Old English given name "Lufa". Love family history indicates that the second possible origin is the Norman French "louve", which means a female wolf and was probably given to a soldier in order to honor the recipient's bravery, intelligence, and ferocious fighting. Love genealogy includes several alternate spellings, which include Luff and Louve. The first recorded spelling of this surname is thought to be that of Peter Love in Essex County in 1255 AD. Famous people with this name include grunge rock singer Courtney Love and Beach Boy Mike Love.

Love Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Dean Love-- --, 1921September ,1979PA
Blue Love-- --, 1941November 5,1995AL
C Hilliard Love-- --, 1917February 3,2003AL
D Roland Love-- --, 1926April 21,2003MO

Love Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Bruce Love-- --, 1923June 21,2002Danville,VA
F Gordon Love-- --, 1920October ,1989El Paso,TX
G Gordon Love-- --, 1901April 15,1975South Hamilton,MA
H Mack Love-- --, 1919December ,1986Decatur,GA

Love Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brooks LoveEstelle GreenMay 16,1934Wake, NC
Clarence LoveEvelyn MccarthyMay 2,1961Wake, NC
David LoveShirley CookJuly 28,1945Wake, NC
Edward LoveDaisy JoseyJanuary 27,1938Wake, NC

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