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Lowe is a surname that has multiple origins and meanings. Lowe family history shows that the name is found in England, Germany, the Netherlands, Scotland, and Ireland. Lowe genealogy shows the English spelling as Lowe or Low; here the name derives from the word "hlaw", meaning a hill or mound, making it a locational name. Other possible derivations include the Norman "lou", meaning a wolf; the German "lewo", a lion; the Ashkenazi "leyb", a lion; and the Old Norse "lagr", meaning low or short. All of these would make this a nickname. Famous people with this surname include "Brat Pack" actor Rob Lowe.

Lowe Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Grace Lowe-- --, 1926March 28,1988IN
B Blaine Lowe-- --, 1922October 15,2005WV
C Buena Lowe-- --, 1921September 13,2008TN
D Lorraine Lowe-- --, 1918May 24,2006MD

Lowe Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Fred Lowe-- --, 1921June 17,2007Newport News,VA
Fairie Lowe-- --, 1894March ,1975Osceola,IA
G Franklin Lowe-- --, 1919February 4,2010Waverly,VA
Hal Lowe-- --, 1933October 4,2008Morristown,TN

Lowe Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bertram LoweHannah EshJuly 15,1944Wake, NC
Raymond LowePatsy HatcherSeptember 12,1942Wake, NC
Kenneth LoweNancy StokerJanuary 14,1950Wake, NC
Larry LoweNorma PageMay 31,1980Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Lowe

280th: Wade281st: Douglas
282nd: O'Connor283rd: Sutton
284th: Steele285th: Jennings
286th: Robbins287th: Hale
288th: Gross289th: Chambers

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