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Lowery Genealogy & History

Lowery family history shows that this surname was originally the diminutive form of the personal name of the personal name "Lawrence", which is derived from the Latin "Laurentus", from "the city of Laurentium", which means laurels or honors. This name was often given to a person who was victorious in battle. Lowery genealogy shows that the name is common both in Scotland as well as in Northern England. The first recorded spelling of this name was made in Cumberland in the year 1332 AD and belongs to a Robert Lowri. The first recording in Scotland was made in Coldingham in 1497 AD and belongs to a Gilbert Lowrie.

Lowery Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Virginia Lowery-- --, 1916November ,1985DC
B Lamar Lowery-- --, 1924October 4,2006GA
Cain Lowery-- --, 1905January ,1973AL
Daisey Mae Lowery-- --, 1931December 29,2007SC

Lowery Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Leon Lowery-- --, 1922December 27,2002Brunswick,GA
Fairl Lowery-- --, 1913February 20,2006Harriman,TN
G Clay Lowery-- --, 1951May 1,2008Birmingham,AL
H Russell Lowery-- --, 1924October 15,1996Lithonia,GA

Lowery Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alfred LoweryLivian HarrisonFebruary 10,1938Wake, NC
Bruce LoweryMyrtle ChristenburyJuly 20,1934Wake, NC
Charlie LoweryHoye BaileyDecember 21,1935Wake, NC
Edward LoweryMandy BaileyJuly 23,1938Wake, NC

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763rd: Dodson764th: Stanton
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