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Lozano Genealogy & History

Lozano is a Spanish surname first found in Castile. The name Lozano is derived from the Spanish word lozano, which means exuberant or vibrant. It can also be a Swiss-Italian locational name arising from the city of Locarno. Spelling variations of this family name include Lozano, de Lozano, Lozana, Loza, Luzn, de Luzn, Luzan, and de Luzan. Lozano family history records that Mateo Lozano sailed to America in 1512; Pedro Lozano, the son of Juan Buatista Lozano, was christened at Abenga, Genova, on January 1, 1748. Lozano genealogy includes American artist J. Luis Lozano; musician and educator Denise M. Lozano; and Mexican professor of medicine Julio Bejarano Lozano.

Lozano Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron L.-- --, 1926September 22,2008MI
Baldemar L.-- --, 1920August 1,1991TX
Cade L.-- --, 1999March 24,2002OK
Daisy L.-- --, 1953March 12,2008CA

Lozano Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eddie L.-- --, 1942September ,1980San Antonio,TX
Fabian L.-- --, 1922November 30,2004San Antonio,TX
Gabriel L.-- --, 1918December ,1981San Antonio,TX
Harold L.-- --, 1919September ,1981San Antonio,TX

Lozano Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Aaron L.Norin UresteFebruary 14,2000Cameron, TX
Baltazar L.Vasalicia AlcozerOctober 14,2000Hale, TX
Carlos L.Jean EstesMay 27,2000Tarrant, TX
Dagoberto L.Maria BonMay 17,2000Webb, TX

Most Common Surnames After Lozano

1952nd: Seaman1953rd: Mahan
1954th: Triplett1955th: Ireland
1956th: Flint1957th: Burnette
1958th: Tilley1959th: Ferreira
1960th: Kerns1961st: Zamora

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