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Lu Genealogy & History

Lu is a locational name from the Chinese state Lu in what is now Henan province. Lu is one of the oldest Chinese names and is listed first before the given name. Lu family history mentions Yu as the advisor of the emperor of the Xia dynasty circa 2205-2198 BC; he was granted the state of Lu and changed the family´┐Żs name to Lu. Some members of the Lu genealogy are Tang Dynasty poet Lu Lun and lawyer, novelist, and feminist Annette Lu.

Lu Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Li Lu-- --, 1928October 12,2006CA
Ba Lu-- --, 1910May 20,2002CA
Cai Lu-- --, 1901October 30,1995CA
Dai Lu-- --, 1909March 15,1999CA

Lu Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Edward Lu-- --, 1922October 20,2004Wahiawa,HI
Fang Lu-- --, 1920December 6,2003Sacramento,CA
Gee Lu-- --, 1911December 8,2007Seattle,WA
Ha Lu-- --, 1930May 6,2007Holt,MI

Lu Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony LuJessica LackeyJune 10,2000Harris, TX
Cuong LuPha TanSeptember 11,2000Dallas, TX
Minh LuRebekah JohnsonMay 8,2004Wake, NC
Hung LuDao NguyenFebruary 7,2007Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Lu

2374th: Merchant2375th: Brink
2376th: Newberry2377th: Edgar
2378th: Lauer2379th: Hannon
2380th: Lantz2381st: Arias
2382nd: Yancey2383rd: Harp

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