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Luke Genealogy & History

Luke is a general European surname, though this form is particularly found in England. It comes from the Greek Loucas, meaning a man from Lucania, a region in southern Italy. There are many spelling variations, and Lucas was particularly held to be the more elevated version of the name. Luke family history starts in 1153, when Euerard Lucas was noted in the Records of the Templars in the 12th century in Hertfordshire. Some members of Luke genealogy are actor Derek Luke, New Zealand member of Parliament John-Pearce Luke, and WWI ace Frank Luke.

Luke Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Luke-- --, 1900May ,1971NY
B Cyril Luke-- --, 1915February 8,2001NY
Callie Luke-- --, 1884March ,1989AL
Dai Luke-- --, 1907November ,1975HI

Luke Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Lawrence Luke-- --, 1918October 21,2005Coshocton,OH
Fannie Luke-- --, 1900January ,1984Ocilla,GA
Gale Luke-- --, 1903July ,1984Minneapolis,MN
Hamilton Luke-- --, 1904April ,1983Tucson,AZ

Luke Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Christopher LukeChastity TerryApril 4,2000Dallas, TX
George LukeKaren ShawApril 20,2000Hardin, TX
Perry LukeLois RichardsonFebruary 5,1962Wake, NC
Robert LukeMary McdermottJuly 3,1969Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Luke

1869th: Jeffers1870th: Bruner
1871st: Moeller1872nd: Malloy
1873rd: Nagy1874th: Paris
1875th: Milton1876th: Kearns
1877th: Bliss1878th: Graf

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