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Lund Genealogy & History

Lund genealogy shows that this surname is of Old Norse Viking origin. It is a locational name taken from the Old Norse "hundr" or Old Swedish "lunder", meaning a grove of trees, and refers to a person who lives in or near such a copse. Several towns and villages in Northern and Eastern England, areas that were invaded by Vikings in the eighth and ninth centuries AD, derive their names from these words, including the towns of Lunt and Lund in Lancashire and Lund in Yorkshire. Lund family history includes Sally Lund, after whom of the pastry was named in the English resort town of Bath.

Lund Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Leonie Lund-- --, 1932May 10,2003NH
Barbara Lund-- --, 1936October 8,2002ME
Caleb Lund-- --, 1885November ,1973SD
D Robert Lund-- --, 1918February 22,2007IA

Lund Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E James Lund-- --, 1915November ,1981Hopewell Junction,NY
Faith Lund-- --, 1931October 28,2007Minneapolis,MN
G Ward Lund-- --, 1910October 16,1988Federal Way,WA
H Blaine Lund-- --, 1922May ,1980Salt Lake City,UT

Lund Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Adrian LundMarcia MaynardAugust 23,1969Wake, NC
Jensey LundKathleen HeadMay 7,2000Travis, TX
Martin LundLinda RodgersOctober 13,2000Coryell, TX
Steven LundPearl PedersonJune 24,2000Uvalde, TX

Most Common Surnames After Lund

985th: Holcomb986th: McAllister
987th: Britt988th: Wilder
989th: Workman990th: Nunez
991st: Chaney992nd: Ziegler
993rd: Mackey994th: Pierson

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