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The surname Mack has Scottish and English origins. Mack family history shows that the name has two possible derivations. The first is the Yorkshire surname, "Macwra", which derives from the Danish Viking given name "Makr"; the second possible derivation is the Old English and Gaelic "Macrath", which means a male descendent of the graceful one. Mack genealogy shows that the earliest known recording is believed to belong to John Makke of Berwick in 1424. Mack and Mac are common nicknames for people with Scottish names starting with "Mac" or "Mc". Famous Macks include American baseball player, manager, and team owner Connie Mack (born Cornelius Alexander McGilicuddy).

Mack Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Clark Mack-- --, 1917April 26,1995OH
B Jerome Mack-- --, 1923June 2,2002IL
C Clifford Mack-- --, 1912October 21,1991OH
Dadarene Mack-- --, 1916November ,1992CA

Mack Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jerrienn Mack-- --, 1931November 13,2007Burleson,TX
Fabian Mack-- --, 1922February 25,2004Ontario,OR
G Wayne Mack-- --, 1916December 29,2005Safford,AZ
H Patterso Mack-- --, 1924January 7,1992Somerville,OH

Mack Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bennie MackJanie WatkinsSeptember 21,1938Wake, NC
David MackVictoria KillianJanuary 5,1973Wake, NC
Henry MackMildred ClarkJuly 14,1932Wake, NC
Louis MackMary EvansJanuary 12,1937Wake, NC

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468th: Short469th: Tyler
470th: Vasquez471st: Abbott
472nd: Carson473rd: Brennan
474th: Lindsey475th: O'Neill

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