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Madden family history shows that this is an Irish surname and is derived from the Old Gaelic name, "O'Madain", which means a male descendent of the hound. Hounds are credited with speed, loyalty, and endurance; therefore, this name was probably given as a nickname to a person who possessed those qualities. The O'Madain clan originally lived near the River Shannon in County Galway, and many family members remain in that area. Madden genealogy includes famous people such as football player and sports commentator John Madden, who helped develop and provides the voice for "Madden Football", one of the most popular sports computer and video games.

Madden Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Edwin Madden-- --, 1931April 7,2006ME
Baby Madden-- --, 1918December 23,2005LA
C Glenn Madden-- --, 1961March 14,1997GA
Daisie Madden-- --, 1903September 22,1997NY

Madden Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Loree Madden-- --, 1923July ,1993Campobello,SC
F Thomas Madden-- --, 1922June 10,2006Mesa,AZ
G Mildred Madden-- --, 1924April 23,2005Lancaster,NY
Hadley Madden-- --, 1909January ,1983Fort Scott,KS

Madden Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Oliver MaddenSonya HowellMay 17,1986Wake, NC
Vernon MaddenDanette SchmilleJune 1,1999Dallas, TX
William MaddenSheryl SmithOctober 28,2000Wake, NC
Sean MaddenKaty McclintockMarch 31,2006Denton, TX

Most Common Surnames After Madden

781st: Lehman782nd: Merrill
783rd: Maynard784th: Benton
785th: Avery786th: Charles
787th: Lange788th: Daly
789th: Singh790th: Pena

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