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Maguire Genealogy & History

Maguire is an Irish name, with the more usual spelling of McGuire in Ireland. Maguire family history dates to feudal times in Fermanagh in Ulster county, where the Maguires were barons of Enniskillen at their stonghold on the Lough Erne (Lake of the Emai) in Northern Ireland. Maguire is derived from the ancient Gaelic MagUidhir, meaning son of Uidhir, itself derived from odhar, meaning dun-colored, a greyish-gold color. Variations Guire, Guirey, MacGuire, Macquire, and McGuire are included in Maguire genealogy. The Maguire coat of arms features a sword-wielding knight on a white horse, symbolizing military valor. The first Maguire to immigrate to America landed in Virginia in 1704.

Maguire Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Nina Maguire-- --, 1924October 14,1996PA
Barbara Maguire-- --, 1924March ,1995MA
C Joseph Maguire-- --, 1929October 3,2002MD
Dale Maguire-- --, 1933June 21,1996PA

Maguire Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Denny Maguire-- --, 1920November ,1982Yoncalla,OR
F Norbert Maguire-- --, 1925March 2,1992Boynton Beach,FL
Gail Maguire-- --, 1947June 28,2008Hollywood,FL
H Thomas Maguire-- --, 1917November 23,2003Poughkeepsie,NY

Maguire Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arlan MaguireMargaret PriceJune 27,2000Jones, TX
Gavin MaguireAmy FisherMay 17,2003Wake, NC
Richard MaguireMelvene GoolsbyApril 2,1983Wake, NC
Patrick MaguireMargaret GustafsonJune 21,2000Harris, TX

Most Common Surnames After Maguire

1561st: Burrell1562nd: Roche
1563rd: Aguirre1564th: Michaels
1565th: Langford1566th: Dobson
1567th: Bateman1568th: Blue
1569th: Colon1570th: Westbrook

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