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Mallory Genealogy & History

Mallory is an English name derived from the French word maleure, meaning ill-omened or unfortunate. Mallory family history is first found in Leicestershire, where the family was seated from early times, and appeared on records of the earliest census rolls. As with many English names, Mallory genealogy includes a variety of spellings: Mallory, Mallorie, Mallorey, and Mellory. Among the early Mallory family members arriving in America are D. and G. W. Mallory, who settled in San Francisco in 1850. Perhaps the most famous Mallory was Sir Thomas Malory, a knight and landowning member of Parliament who wrote Le Morte d'Arthur, a compilation of stories about King Arthur.

Mallory Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Mordine Mallory-- --, 1934November ,1986NJ
B Robert Mallory-- --, 1931August 6,1998TX
C Carl Mallory-- --, 1960August 5,1994WV
Daisy Mallory-- --, 1947February 16,2005GA

Mallory Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Franklin Mallory-- --, 1918March 19,1995Richmond,VA
Faith Mallory-- --, 1944August 17,1999Clinton,IA
Gail Mallory-- --, 1951May 9,1999Hopatcong,NJ
Halema Mallory-- --, 1946February 27,1995San Francisco,CA

Mallory Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Allen MalloryRebecca TurnerApril 27,2002Travis, TX
Clayton MalloryIvory HarrisJanuary 17,2000Bexar, TX
David MalloryMeredith TuckerJanuary 25,2003Wake, NC
Galen MalloryDonna MclarenJanuary 29,2000Harrison, TX

Most Common Surnames After Mallory

1909th: Harms1910th: Harman
1911th: Watt1912th: McQueen
1913th: Battle1914th: Lunsford
1915th: Winslow1916th: Tackett
1917th: Gannon1918th: Ouellette

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