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The surname Maloney is of Irish origin. Maloney genealogy shows that this name is the anglicized form of the Old Gaelic name, "O'Maoldhamhnaigh", which means a descendent of the bald or tonsured one. This refers to a person whose hair was cut or shaved for religious purposes, such as a cleric or monk. This name is also spelled Moloney. The first recorded spelling of this name belongs to Father Dongoh O'Moloney in 1601 in County Clare. Maloney family history shows that at least 55 people with this name arrived at Ellis Island in New York during the Irish famine.

Maloney Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Colleen Maloney-- --, 1926March 1,2008NM
B Frances Maloney-- --, 1931November 30,1994CA
Caleb Maloney-- --, 1929August 6,1994TN
Daisey Maloney-- --, 1894October ,1975NY

Maloney Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Maloney-- --, 1924March 12,2000Liverpool,NY
F Raybelle Maloney-- --, 1921February 16,1990Homestead,PA
G Joseph Maloney-- --, 1915September 28,2007Bisbee,AZ
H Karene Maloney-- --, 1922March 25,1992Sioux City,IA

Maloney Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Albert MaloneyBeverly BrownJune 3,1972Wake, NC
James MaloneyVirginia RodgersJuly 25,1947Wake, NC
Robert MaloneyPamela MozingoAugust 31,1997Wake, NC
Shawn MaloneyMiranda ChoateMay 1,2000Palo Pinto, TX

Most Common Surnames After Maloney

824th: Goldman825th: Spears
826th: Snider827th: Donahue
828th: Holden829th: Pearce
830th: Valentine831st: Bernard
832nd: Crowley833rd: Gorman

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