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Manuel Genealogy & History

As a family name, Manuel has numerous proposed origins. It may descend from Spanish and Portuguese, via the Hebrew name Immanuel (God with us); it may originate in Sicily; or it may come from various places in France called Mann(e)ville or Magneville. Italian spelling variants include Emanuele, Emmanuele, Emanuel, D'Emanuelli, Manuel, Manuello, and Manuelli; English variants include Mandeville, Manvill(e), Manvell, Manwell and M(a)nwell. Manuel family history records that David Manuel married Dorothy Parry in 1718 in Newmarket, Flint, and Aaron Emanuel arrived in America in 1770. Manuel genealogy includes Charles Manuel, Jr., a former American League baseball player, and Richard George Manuel, a Canadian composer and multi-instrumentalist.

Manuel Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Mae Manuel-- --, 1927September 8,2004WA
Baltazar Manuel-- --, 1906December ,1968HI
C Douglas Manuel-- --, 1950December 8,1991PA
Daisy Manuel-- --, 1905January 23,1994LA

Manuel Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Manuel-- --, 1907January 1,1994Springfield,OH
F Bernard Manuel-- --, 1915November 13,1989Baton Rouge,LA
Gabriel Manuel-- --, 1936January 26,2007Nespelem,WA
Haddie Manuel-- --, 1911March 1,1988Mamou,LA

Manuel Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alaric ManuelCharquinthia ObryantAugust 13,2000Harris, TX
Coite ManuelAllison RawlsMay 31,2008Wake, NC
Damian ManuelTakisha RossFebruary 20,2000Travis, TX
Earl ManuelFebby BurnettMay 10,1997Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Manuel

1698th: Burnham1699th: Friend
1700th: Cleary1701st: Corley
1702nd: Juarez1703rd: McCord
1704th: Cagle1705th: Burrows
1706th: Heard1707th: Trotter

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