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Marcum Genealogy & History

Marcum is an English name. While it was most likely a locational surname, taken from the name of a town, it is unclear which town that might be. Some options are Markham in Nottinghamshire and Marcham in Oxfordshire. It could also have arisen from a now-unknown medieval town named something like Marcum, which would mean boundary marker in the valley. Marcum family history is likely first recorded with one Robert de Marchum (an alternate spelling), who lived in Nottingham in 1273. Marcum genealogy in America begins with Wm Marcum, who arrived in Virginia in 1663.

Marcum Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Dwight Marcum-- --, 1921October 24,2001KS
B Shelton Marcum-- --, 1917November 4,1989WV
C Alfred Marcum-- --, 1916December 9,2009ID
Dainer Marcum-- --, 1920July 6,1988VA

Marcum Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eads Marcum-- --, 1912August 31,1994Chicago,IL
F Robert Marcum-- --, 1951December ,1988Louisville,KY
Gabe Marcum-- --, 1911October ,1975Kermit,WV
Hallie Marcum-- --, 1895July ,1975Summersville,KY

Marcum Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Adam MarcumJennifer GoodwinJuly 3,2003Potter, TX
Brian MarcumJennifer HamptonMarch 4,2000Denton, TX
Charles MarcumAshley PinkstonDecember 3,2005Wake, NC
Gordon MarcumMary MorrisonDecember 22,2000Midland, TX

Most Common Surnames After Marcum

2111th: Strange2112th: Rhoads
2113th: Tang2114th: Carnes
2115th: Yee2116th: Linder
2117th: Snodgrass2118th: Seitz
2119th: Hong2120th: Linn

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