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Marcus Genealogy & History

Marcus is chiefly a French, German, and Jewish name now, but it was originally Roman. It was taken from the personal name Marcus, which was derived from the word mar, meaning to gleam (or possibly from Mars, the Roman name for Ares, the god of war). Another possibility is that it was locational, given to people who lived in or near a monastery named Sanctus Marcus (St. Mark). Either way, the name owes its popularity to the evangelist (gospel-writer) St. Mark. Written Marcus family history starts with one Heinrich Mark (an alternate spelling), who lived in Biberach, Germany, in 1390. Marcus genealogy includes chemistry Nobel laureate Rudolph Marcus.

Marcus Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Marcus-- --, 1901November ,1966NY
Bacilia Marcus-- --, 1910October 12,2000NY
Caesar Marcus-- --, 1898December ,1967PA
Daisy Marcus-- --, 1913May 6,1999NY

Marcus Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Marcus-- --, 1920August ,1993West Columbia,WV
Fannie Marcus-- --, 1895July 15,1970Chelsea,MA
Gail Marcus-- --, 1938March 10,2003Encino,CA
Habib Marcus-- --, 1901June ,1979Brooklyn,NY

Marcus Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Allan MarcusShirley HebertJune 13,1987Wake, NC
Bobby MarcusSara PourpharhadiOctober 16,2002Tarrant, TX
Charles MarcusCourtney SolcherOctober 19,2002Dallas, TX
Dale MarcusValerie GardnerFebruary 2,2000Hays, TX

Most Common Surnames After Marcus

1397th: Coyle1398th: Vickers
1399th: Bergeron1400th: Houser
1401st: Crowder1402nd: Crockett
1403rd: Coulter1404th: Cartwright
1405th: Tobin1406th: Hagan

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