Marley Family History

Marley Surname Origin

The Marley genealogy is of English origin, with the first Marley family on record holding a family seat in Cheshire during the 11th century.

Marley Genealogy, Meaning & History

Early Marley family history is derived from Old English words that mean "mearth" or "pine marten" and "clearing." The surname was probably used as a topographical one to identify families living in this type of location. Marley was also a place name for those living in Morlaix, in Brittany, which was a peninsula located in the northwestern region of France. This may indicate the beginning of the move of this surname out of England and into surrounding areas. Early records of Marley genealogy can be traced all the way back to the 12th and 13th centuries in England, with some of the first appearances showing up on the Fine Court Rolls in 1242. Spelling variations for this surname abound, and include some common derivations like Marlay, Marly and Maroley.

Birth Records

NameBirth DateLocationDeath Date
Mason MarleyDecember 5, 1972Pueblo, COFrances Marley
Bobby MarleyOctober 16, 1978Wilmington, NCHarold Marley
Brian MarleyAugust 14, 1969Lowell, MALester Marley
Kevin MarleyJuly 20, 1963Fargo, NDLaura Marley

Death Records

NameBirth DateLocationDeath Date
Frederick MarleyJuly 4, 1961Columbia, MODolores Marley
Harry MarleyMay 28, 1968Cambridge, MAEdmund Marley
Samantha MarleyMarch 21, 1990Flint, MIBetty Marley
Steve MarleyJanuary 7, 1982Antioch, CAAlison Marley

Marriage Records

NameMarriage DateLocationSpouse
Debra MarleyMarch 28, 1961Orange, CAJason Marley
Stanely MarleyAugust 3, 1968Warren, MILauren Marley
Phillip MarleyDecember 17, 1990Torrance, CAKristen Marley
Gus MarleyMay 8, 1982Jackson, MIEdward Marley

Marley Fun Facts

  • Number of Marley's in the US: 601411
  • Average Lifespan of Marley's: 74
  • Marley is the 5005th most common name in the US

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