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Marlow Genealogy & History

Marlow is an English name. It is locational, given to people who lived in the town of Marlow (spelled Merlave in 1086) in Buckinghamshire, England. The name itself is derived from the Old English words were, meaning lake, and lafe, meaning remnants. Marlow family history is first recorded with one Edric Merlaue, who lived in Berkshire in 1086. The Marlow genealogy first set foot in America with Joseph and Mary Marlow, who came to Virginia in 1662; following closely after was Edward Marlow, who landed in Virginia in 1663.

Marlow Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Marlow-- --, 1899January ,1982OK
Babe Marlow-- --, 1878May 15,1968AL
Callie Marlow-- --, 1916August 25,1998OH
Dachie Marlow-- --, 1914July 31,2007NC

Marlow Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eadward Marlow-- --, 1935January 23,2008Moscow,OH
Fannie Marlow-- --, 1914May ,1974Memphis,TN
Gabrielle Marlow-- --, 1906April 1,1993College Station,TX
H Glenn Marlow-- --, 1926July 17,2007Maroa,IL

Marlow Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bernard MarlowCarol RaglandMarch 11,2006Tarrant, TX
David MarlowSuan JewettAugust 26,1972Wake, NC
Ruben MarlowJosephine GazawayNovember 22,1954Wake, NC
Loran MarlowJeanette DardenDecember 15,1979Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Marlow

2453rd: Asher2454th: Lieberman
2455th: Acevedo2456th: Hemphill
2457th: Libby2458th: Shockley
2459th: Masterson2460th: Clevenger
2461st: Andrew2462nd: East

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