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Martinez is a Hispanic surname that means son of Martin. It is derived from the Latin given name "Martinus", which was derived from the name of the Roman god of war, Mars. The English version of this name is Martin, while the French is Martin or Martineau. Martinez family history shows the first recorded spelling of this surname as Martinez di Castille in Madrid, Spain, in 1580. Martinez genealogy includes American potter Maria Martinez, former Florida governor Bob Martinez, and three-time Cy Young Award winner and eight-time All Star Pedro Mart´┐Żnez of the Boston Red Sox. He was a member of the 2004 World championship baseball team.

Martinez Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Ambrose Martinez-- --, 1963September 29,1987NV
Bacilia Martinez-- --, 1916November ,1993CA
C Kim Martinez-- --, 1923April ,1981PA
Dagoberto Martinez-- --, 1937November ,1983NY

Martinez Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Eloy Martinez-- --, 1930November 18,1992Albuquerque,NM
Fabain Martinez-- --, 1940August ,1982Gallup,NM
Gabina Martinez-- --, 1900October ,1988San Antonio,TX
Halbert Martinez-- --, 1969July 7,2010Chimayo,NM

Martinez Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Ronald MartinezKathaleen CostelloJuly 9,1968Wake, NC
Gerardo MartinezJeis PonceNovember 2,2004Wake, NC
Fredy MartinezBarrio RomeroAugust 8,2008Wake, NC
Enrry MartinezVeronica PachecoMarch 6,1995Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Martinez

56th: Rodriguez57th: Bailey
58th: Cooper59th: Reed
60th: Ward61st: Bell
62nd: Sullivan63rd: Bennett
64th: Myers65th: Gray

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