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Mason genealogy shows that this surname is an English and French name that is derived from the Old French word "masson", meaning a stone mason. As such, it is an occupational surname that was given to a skilled bricklayer or stone worker. Mason family history shows many alternative spellings, including Masson, Massen, and Macon. The first recorded spelling of this surname appears to be that of Richard Machun of Lincolnshire, England, in the year 1120. Famous people with this surname include comedian Jackie Mason, Academy Award-winning actress Marsha Mason, and British actor James Mason. Fictional characters with this surname include attorney Perry Mason.

Mason Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Coleen Mason-- --, 1929November 18,1998NC
B Elizabet Mason-- --, 1932October 2,2008MD
C Clifford Mason-- --, 1900December 31,1988NY
D Gardiner Mason-- --, 1914January 13,2001NY

Mason Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Anne Mason-- --, 1943October 25,1995Oak Ridge,TN
F Eileen Mason-- --, 1923June 6,2006Florissant,MO
Gabe Mason-- --, 1926February 1,1985Bartlett,IL
H James Mason-- --, 1914February 21,1988Reno,NV

Mason Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Adolphus MasonBonnie HartnessNovember 24,1979Wake, NC
Edward MasonMargie HocuttJune 10,1944Wake, NC
George MasonMinnie WatkinsJanuary 5,1945Wake, NC
John MasonEdna BrittNovember 20,1933Wake, NC

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144th: Nichols145th: Woods
146th: Mills147th: Kelley

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