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Masters Genealogy & History

Masters, an ancient patronymic-occupational English name, derives from Latin magister, a title for the tribal chief; in medieval times, all crafts required masters. Masters genealogy includes the variations DeMasters, Maysters, McMasters, Measters, and Mosters; the s-suffix indicates son of, similar to Masterson. Masters family history dates to feudal times in Kent, where they were granted lands by William the Conqueror, and to the 1630s in Salem, Massachusetts, and Virginia. The family motto, non minor est virtus quam quaerere parta tueri, means it is no less an achievement to keep possession than to acquire it. The unicorns/griffins on the crest/coat of arms indicate military courage, choosing death over capture.

Masters Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Jane Masters-- --, 1928September 15,1997PA
B Pauline Masters-- --, 1916June ,1984MO
Callie Masters-- --, 1899February ,1980GA
Daisy Masters-- --, 1910July 21,2001NC

Masters Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Arabelle Masters-- --, 1920September 19,1991Bradford,PA
F Lloyd Masters-- --, 1916August 15,2000Easley,SC
Gabe Masters-- --, 1918December 3,1999Albany,NY
H Irene Masters-- --, 1910February ,1982Auburn,WA

Masters Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brady MastersBeverly WilhiteJuly 17,2001Limestone, TX
David MastersWendy SmithJune 25,1988Wake, NC
Ivan MastersTheresa BalintJanuary 21,1989Wake, NC
Randall MastersSusan AlbertJune 24,1994Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Masters

1215th: Leon1216th: Manley
1217th: Bowling1218th: Dubois
1219th: Nix1220th: Grove
1221st: Erwin1222nd: Lockhart
1223rd: Geiger1224th: Conklin

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