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The surname Maxwell has Scottish and Irish origins. The Scottish is a locational name derived from a land grant near Melrose, on the Tweed River in Roxburghshire. The name refers to a salmon pool named "Maccus' Wiel", or Maccus' well, which was attached to the land. The name "Maccus" is derived from the Old Norse given name "Makkr", which is a form of "magnus", which means great. Maxwell family history shows that the Irish version is popular in Ulster as an alternate form of the surname Miskell. Maxwell genealogy includes Scottish physicist and mathematician´┐ŻJames Clerk Maxwell.

Maxwell Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Herman Maxwell-- --, 1913May ,1979MA
Bailey Maxwell-- --, 1903December ,1979KY
C Martin Maxwell-- --, 1911November 4,1993PA
D Jack Maxwell-- --, 1923December ,1992PA

Maxwell Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Bernadin Maxwell-- --, 1921June 8,2006East Rochester,NY
F Clair Maxwell-- --, 1920January 27,2001Orlando,FL
Gabriel Maxwell-- --, 1904December 28,1998Wichita,KS
Helen Maxwell-- --, 1929September 26,1992Columbia,SC

Maxwell Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Dannie MaxwellFlora HooverMay 2,1942Wake, NC
Eugene MaxwellMary HunterOctober 18,1947Wake, NC
Jacob MaxwellMabel NelsonOctober 5,1940Wake, NC
Montie MaxwellElizabeth DayFebruary 12,1945Wake, NC

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395th: Park396th: Francis
397th: McGee398th: Silva
399th: Lang400th: Osborne
401st: Marsh402nd: Clarke

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