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Mays is a surname that first appeared in early medieval England, where it was probably brought during the Norman invasion of 1066. The Mays family history indicates that this surname is probably a shortened form of the given name Matthew, which derives from the Hebrew "Matityahu", which means gift of the Lord. Alternative spellings include May, Lemay, Le May, Maye, Mayes, Mayze, Mayzes, Mey, and Meys. Mays genealogy records the first instance of this surname as belonging to a William Mai of Norfolk in 1167. Famous people with this name include baseball legend Willie "Say Hey" Mays of the San Francisco Giants.

Mays Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Louise Mays-- --, 1914July 5,2010AL
B Arline Mays-- --, 1925October 30,1987CO
C Stanley Mays-- --, 1921April 15,1994NY
D Carl Mays-- --, 1915January ,1978OH

Mays Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eaddie Mays-- --, 1921July 11,2003Memphis,TN
Fae Mays-- --, 1901July ,1969Ripley,WV
Gable Mays-- --, 1926May 1,1994Bradenton,FL
H Reid Mays-- --, 1909May ,1984Oklahoma City,OK

Mays Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anson MaysMiranda EllixsonMarch 13,2004Wake, NC
Benjamin MaysJudy HuffmanAugust 31,1968Wake, NC
Lawrence MaysLinda KimballMay 22,1971Wake, NC
Jack MaysDorothy ElliottNovember 8,1981Wake, NC

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901st: Odell902nd: Siegel
903rd: Pollard904th: Doherty
905th: Travis906th: Haines
907th: Lake908th: Fulton

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